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Harold Roger's Home in Springfield (Medium)


  • Dan Matney on 2012-May-11 16:22:24 Dan Matney said

    Aunt Susie and Uncle Shorty Rogers. This house on a gravel rd and a steep hill and drainage ditch on the side with garden snakes was quite a challenge for this small boy who was scared stiff when a rather large garter snake wizzed out in front of a rather out of control bike, that later ended up in the briars in the drainage ditch seeking the assistance Of the boys hanging out near by, I am not sure if it was Earnie or Jimmie who pulled me out I was rather in need of band aids, so taking it easy that afternoon and some folks were out side, I decided to balance the cement wall and fell and sprained my wrist a little, I still recall how that hurt.
    Must have been in the 1950's
    Dan M

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