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Sara's Vow

A very moving story about a 7 year old pioneer girl.
Who moved by wagon train with her parents.
They built a cabin to live in.
Her father dug a well and this also helped to preserve foods.
Then she lost her parents.
Which made her an orphan.
Now she has to take care of her baby brother alone.
This is a very interesting story in the way it is presented
about the life and death of wagon train people on lands they homesteaded.

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Sara Anderson is a young girl whose life gets turned upside down
as she finds herself facing obstacles that would frighten the most courageous adult.
Staying alive in the Virginia mountain valley is a challenge that Sara believes she is too young to face.
She has no other choice, she has her brother to keep alive and a vow to keep.
When she believes she can't go on, she finds inner strength to prove herself wrong.
Then the unimaginable happens...
Sara's Vow will make you laugh, cry and sit on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages.
You will question your own strength and beliefs and ask yourself what you would have done;
however, you will not put the book down until you find out what Sara does.
Sara's Vow is a Historical Suspense and the first book of a four book series.


This is powerful story taking in the context of the age of the person involved

my wife read it out loud, gave it even more life.

I feel this book is well worth the price and recommend reading it
if you are into reading a story that brings real life like situation to a time in your mind as you read then this is a book you will enjoy.

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