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From the CherokeeGene list a collection of surnames being researched on that list




Cherokee Tribal Archives Project

The Cherokee Page

The Cherokee Indians of North Carolina

History of the Cherokee -- Genealogy

Official Site of the Cherokee Nation based in Tahlequah Oklahoma


Charlotte's Web Native American Home

Cherokee Nation News and Links

The Cherokee National Historical Society

The Cherokees

Tsalagi's Bookmarks

Cherokee Genealogy Links

Cherokee Nation Indian Territory

The Flag of the Cherokee of Oklahoma

Land Lottery, Land Runs, etc. of OK territory and other links

Cherokee tutorial to read online

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory - Proclamation - Sacred

Smoky Mountain Host - Cherokee Indian Reservation

Native American Links

A Nation Apart - The Cherokee Nation 1839 - 1907 Adam Decker

"Trail of Tears, journey of the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma.

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee People

Trail of Tears Resources

The Cherokee Trail of Tears - 1838-1839

Cherokee History



Cherokees of California

Cherokee Publications - Native American Indian books, tapes, cassettes, maps, k

The Cherokee Heritage Center Ancient Village

Stories along the Trail - The Cherokee Rose - The Cherokee Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears from Cherokee, NC

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory - A Proud Cherokee Hist

Rose City Net's Cape Girardeau, Missouri Homepage

Native American Research (Cherokee) at TSLA

Cherokee Territory

Important Dates

Cherokee Legend

Cherokee Proud

"the People's Paths home page!" American Indian Radio!

"People's Paths Site Index!" North American Indian & Indigenous People!

The Cherokee

A Gathering of Cherokee

Native Americans in North Georgia

Cherokee Legends


Cherokee Names

Rare Cherokee Genealogy Books, Indian, Carter Genealogy, Western, Civil War Boo

Cherokee Genealogy Tutorial

The Cherokee Trail of Tears - Surviving the Trail of Tears

Cherokee Mythology

Dawes Act

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Main Menu: Native American Indian PlentyStuff

dispro6.html Cherokee)

NativeTech:The Alliances Between White Traders, Trappers and Indian Women - Es

Cherokees of Georgia Index

Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA, DOI, Interior

"the People's Paths home page!" Cherokee Legal Document Path

The Jim Hicks Cherokee Page

NATCHAT mailing list (9410): Re: Cherokee People

Cherokee genealogy

Trail of Tears-North Georgia History-


Mike's Cherokee Page

Two Elks Lodge

index2 - Cherokees NE Alabama

Tsalagi -- Cherokee Other Sites -- Basketry: Native American Art

Cherokee History-articles by Chad Smith

Glossary of Some Eastern Cherokee Individuals

Cherokee Treasure

A little Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Books - A Niche Publisher

Sacred Fire the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Alihelisdi's Home Page

Cherokee Maiden

Brief History of Treaties

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory - Proclamations Index

TNGenWeb, Cherokee Nation, Indian, Native American, Cherokee Queries.

Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama

Retracing The Trail of Tears - Cherokee Trail of Tears

Cornsilk's Indian Craft Mall

Cherokee official Home Page

Cherokee Genealogy Query System

Cherokee Creek Herbal Therapy


Cherokee Lit

Little Bird's Nest

TNGenWeb, Cherokee Nation, Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Trail of Tears in the Southeast Missouri Region Home Page - Cape Girardeau


Cherokee Myth


The Cherokee Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide

Principal Chief Joe Byrd

PrettyMoon's Home Page


GrayDeer's Home Page

Kanatiyosh arts&crafts



"The Cherokee People" by Thomas Mails

"History, Myths &Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees" by James Mooney

"The Secrets and Mysteries of the Cherokee Little People" byLynn King Lossiah

"Out Of The Flame" by James Adair (reprint by Prentice Robinson/Author"Easy Cherokee Dictionary"

"Trail of Tears The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation" by J. Ehle

"Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee" by Rodney Leftwich

"The Trail of Tears across Missouri" by Joan Gilbert

"The Education of Little Tree" by Forrest Carter

"Medicine of the Cherokee" by J.T.Garrett and Michael Garrett

"Returning to the Homeland" by MariJo Moore

"Pushing the Bear" a novel of the Trail by Diane Glancy "Walking the Trail" by Jerry Ellis

"Cherokee Woman" by Elsa L. Watters (a novel)

"Fire and the Spirits, Cherokee Law from Clan to Court" by Rennard Strickland

"Bartram Travels and other Writings " 917.5

"The Spirit World"The American Indians/Time Life Books

"The Great Chiefs" The Old West/Time Life Books

"In Their Own Words Warriors and Pineers" T.J. Stiles 978W295

"Tales Of The North American Indians" Thompson,Midland Books

"Indians of the Southwest"Tribal Dress,Traditional Ceremonial Dances, Crafts, Symbols, Tribal Location Map of the USA. In full color

"Indian America" Eagle/ Walking Turtle 917.304

"Indian Battles of the Lower Rogue " Frank Walsh (Massacre Rock)

"Valley of the Rogues" Percy T Booth

"How to Research the American Indian" bar code 33610013337214

"Indians and Pioneers"bar code 33610004322174

"The Cherokee People" bar code 3361001909283

"The Cherokee" bar code 33610009301273

"Spies Scouts and Raiders" bar code 33610013463598

"Talking Bones/ Indian secrets" bar code 33610010096177

"Indians Along the Oregon Trail" bar code 33610015342055

"Gaurd House Gallows and Graves" Modoc Indians , bar code 3361000946824

"Captain Jack , Modoc Renagade" bar code 33610002576855

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